Our partners


The Biosynergia Foundation has been active since 2012 and aims to promote health and health education among different age groups. It runs workshops and educational projects for families, and since 2015 their main beneficiaries are the elderly. The Biosynergia Foundation works with many non-governmental organisations with whom it implements activities and run workshops. Its staff are permanent educators and volunteers who are involved in the projects they implement. Among the collaborators are therapists therapists, sexologists, nutritionists, vocational coaches and trainers and artists. The team also has two very experienced project coordinators with a record of 15 international and over 40 national projects.


VITECO is an Italian SME located in Sicily. Its staff is formed by professionals with engineering and business administration backgrounds. It is a software and e-learning provider working with both national customers and European partners in EU projects. It provides non-formal education to youth and adults aiming to help them acquire the skills they need to lead fulfilling and productive lives and aiming to include diverse and vulnerable groups. Its core business is based on VET and development of web-based solutions for collaborative learning and educational content management with a special focus on issues related to hard and soft skills development. Over the years VITECO has acquired a lot of experience in the creation of serious games and online platforms for adults and the elderly.


Asociacion Egeria Desarrollo Social is an association open to young people and adults regardless of their economic, social, religious or cultural background focused on feminism and human rights education, located in Malaga (Spain). It works in gender equality education, prevention of gender-based violence and women empowerment and human rights in general. It promotes non-formal education as a tool to create a positive impact in the society. Its objectives include contributing to the construction of a society without discrimination, promoting critical thinking, the defence of human rights, culture and knowledge, promoting women’s participation in politics, public space and female entrepreneurship, raising awareness of training and integration of young people, promoting employment and self-employment and working against inequalities in favour of social justice.


Ljudska univerza Rogaška Slatina is a non-profit adult education and training provider. It offers formal and non-formal educational programmes that include both secondary schools and VET programmes in the field of catering, gastronomy, cookery, sales, economy, childcare or tourism while informal educational programmes are conducted in the form of seminars, courses, lectures, and literary evenings and similar. The organization also offers various personal growth programmes, workshops, computer courses for the unemployed and elderly, language courses, computer courses and accounting and many educational programmes for adults with special needs for the local Care Work Centre. The organization has a very active University for Third Age, where it offers various lifelong learning activities to people over 55. It is also a licensed centre for Slovenian language as second language and an Intergenerational centre. It has a lot of experience in national and international projects and in over 20 Erasmus + projects.